केटीएम Duke

केटीएम Duke has 5 models under its flagship - 200 ड्यूक, 390 Duke और 3 मोर and starting price of केटीएम Duke is 1,62,566. Find Price list, Colors, Mileage, Expert Review, and specifications & features at BikeDekho.com.

केटीएम Duke Price List

Model Ex-Showroom Price
200 ड्यूकRs. 1.81 लाख onwards
125 ड्यूकRs. 1.62 लाख onwards
390 DukeRs. 2.70 लाख onwards
250 ड्यूकRs. 2.17 लाख onwards
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  • केटीएम 200 ड्यूक
    केटीएम 200 ड्यूक

    About my bike.

    I like my bike very much, It gives nice mileage, It is a very comfortable bike. We can enjoy riding it on every..... और पढ़ें

  • केटीएम 125 ड्यूक
    केटीएम 125 ड्यूक

    If you love your son don't bring it.

    If you love your son, don't bring this bike to him. It's not at all suitable for our roads. More than 50 boys were..... और पढ़ें

  • केटीएम 390 ड्यूक
    केटीएम 390 ड्यूक

    Absolutely Rocket.

    I have been using this bike for over a year now and as the Dukes are famously known as it is an absolute Pocket Rocket...... और पढ़ें

  • टीएम 250 ड्यूक
    टीएम 250 ड्यूक

    Amazing Performance

    It's my dream bike and the bike is amazing, if talk about the looks, there is no comparison to this bike. The..... और पढ़ें

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