Good के लिए commute and on road tours.

Good for commute and on road tours.

Ridden for = 30+ days, first servicing done,
Distance covered = 1128 km,
Path type = onroad, mostly highway, broken roads 15/20 km.
Speed maintained = mostly 70-80, 100-115 on the durgapur-asansol highway.
Sitting comfort - more than awesome. I have to ride it for 5 hours straight, covered 273 km.
No pain in my back pain.
I do not ride this long very often, so it's not like I am very much a seasoned rider. I did not feel any discomfort that is why I didn't stop for 5 hours.
Pillion comfort: asked 3 pillions. All felt very much comfortable with it. No vibration. In bad roads or potholes if going at high speed both rider and pillion will feel the bumps though. This is because the rear suspension is stiff, not loose, it's adjustable - thats a good thing. . But the good road and high speed cause no issue. Pillions don't feel the speed so much even if rinding at 80-90kmph.

Gearbox- smoother than many bikes. No false neutral. Gear indicator is there, so no need to assume which gear you are at.
Also, does not give much sound or vibration if riding in low gears.
Can do 30-40 kmph in 3rd gear even without much noise.

Clutch: from Dankuni to my room, a lot of traffic was there, had to use clutch frequently. Did not feel any strain on the arm or fingers. It's not a slipper clutch, but it's light enough. And I am saying this after experiencing 2 other motorcycles for a long time.

Break: rear break you should use only to reduce speed. Never to step on it too hard - it will make the wheel skid.
The front brake should be used in emergency situations and anytime speed needs to go down. 0 skidding, very fast sopping.
Both are more than efficient enough, you don't need to be super-efficient on breaking to use them.

Handling : maneuverability is super super super brilliant. The bike is lightweight and the wheels are wider than average. So, cornering, cutting through traffic is super easy. I myself have never been able to do cornering at speed before, but whith this bike I have done it almost toiching my knee guard without the feeling of losing control.

Speed/pickup: It's not a racing bike, the highest it can go is 130kmph. I did it once momentarily. Not a fan of super fast riding.
Innitial pickup is awesome. So in the city, at signals, you will surely lose everyone else as soon as the signal goes green.0-60 is a matter of 4/5 second, don't even need to go to 4th gear. Higher speed pickup is comparatively linear. From 80 to 100 it does not go loke zoom. I felt like 70-90 is a comfortable cruising speed for this bike. Can cruise at 100kmph too, but there will be slight vibration in the side mirror and handlebars. Also, you will not get the best mileage at that speed.

Mileage : as per my calculations, you will get 50kmpl if ride at economy speed 50-60 kmph for long distance. In city traffic 40-45kmpl you should get.

द्वारा arghya chatterjee
On: Nov 08, 2020 | 6325 Views
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  • Proud Owner of Repsol Hornet

    Excellent design and look. It is a unique model.

    द्वारा sameer mishra
    On: Feb 10, 2021 | 325 Views
  • Looks are awesome.

    I just love the rear tier of the bike, the bike is very good looking, gives good mileage. A perfect bike for youth.

    द्वारा kishore surampudi
    On: Dec 21, 2020 | 395 Views
  • Comfortable Bike With Great.....

    The hornet2.0 has a very comfortable seat. And the best performance among all the bikes in the same segment.

    द्वारा ds beatz official
    On: Dec 05, 2020 | 425 Views
  • Best fun riding experience.

    Honda hornet 2.0 is a bike where you get a fun riding experience. This bike is made for mid-range like 100-110. You.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा debashish patra
    On: Nov 14, 2020 | 5161 Views
  • Value for money in long run.

    I am the owner of a hornet. Good quality things have been used in this bike, I only want dual-channel abs in this bike......और पढ़ें

    द्वारा arun
    On: Nov 10, 2020 | 2670 Views
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