Top 5 Movie Bikes that can be Yours

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Superhero movies always have a WOW factor. Although the extraordinary abilities of the hero are awe-inspiring, these are fairly expected. What adds to these powers are the superhero’s girl, gadgets, wheels and fortress. These partners, superpowers and fortresses may be limited to the ‘Reel’ world, their fantasy wheels, however, can now become a reality for true fans. These superhero bikes occupy a special place deep within bikers’ hearts, who dream of one day hopping onto one of these badass machines and saving the day just as their favourite superhero does. If you are up for the challenge, some of these bikes can be yours with a right amount of effort, money, lots of determination and some superhero-like customization skills. We bring you a countdown of 5 bikes from the ‘Reel’ world that can be yours in ‘Real’ life.

5. Lawmaster: Dredd (2012)

Lawmaster was the custom motorcycle based on Suzuki GSX750s with extended chassis to make the bike longer.The bike was ridden throughout the movie Dredd by the cops and was equipped with a machine gun on either side and had communication capability. First built in 1995 for the movie, the bike was hard to steer so it was again constructed in 2012 with better ergonomics.

4. Gladius jet-bike: Priest (2011)

One of the highlights of the movie, Priest, was the turbine powered motorcycle that was jointly built by Cinema Vehicle Services and Ghostlight Industries. It is built on the platform of Suzuki Gladius that was powered by a 645cc, V-twin engine generating 70bhp of peak power and 63.1Nm of maximum torque. The movie is the story of an alternate world where mankind has been on a war with vampires for centuries. In the middle of all this, the Priest while riding on this bike hunts down the bloodthirsty Vampires who had kidnapped his niece.

3. Light Cycle: Tron Legacy (2010)

Tron Legacy is a science fiction movie which is a sequel to the original movie made in 1985. This movie takes place in a virtual world where one has to battle on vehicles omitting light walls on a 3-dimensional surface. Though the new customised version may not be able to do this but, in the movie, the motorcycle is shown to be powered by light and had different lights depicting good and evil. Out of the two (Car and Bike), the Light Cycle stole the show with its massive body structure and immense speed. Light cycle is one of a kind motorcycle powered by pure liquid energy. Turning the bike is slightly difficult as its front wheel is locked and it can be turned by tilting only. So, the movie has shown that when attempting special maneuvers, a pair of small fins pop up behind the rider, to help in balancing or braking. The bike was later built in real and the man who made it is riding in the video attached below.

2. Robo-Bike: Kawasaki Z-1000: Robocop (2014)

Ranked at the second spot we have the Robo-Bike which is just losing to the top-seeded Batpod. It has far better riding abilities than the Pod. It goes faster, turns better and looks uber cool. It is a perfect bulletproof machine for the bulletproof humanoid and is the coolest addition to Robocop since its inception. It is short, fierce and is equipped with red and blue LEDs to impart fear in the hearts of the criminals. The bike also has an automatic stand which comes down whenever the bike comes to a stop.

1. Batpod: The Dark Knight (2008)

A clear winner on this list is Batpod. We all know that Batman is one of the best DC fighters and for this crime fighting vigilante, only the really awesome gadgets qualify. Other than his fighting skills and gadgets, the biggest association of Batman has been with Batmobiles. Out of a huge lot of cars seen with the superhero, Tumbler is surely the best. Other than being heavily armoured, it also features an ejecting bike known as the Batpod. It is a perfect Bat-Bike that one can imagine as it can be extracted anytime, anywhere from the Batmobile and can surprise the enemy by shooting rockets, bullets and hooks.

Tron Cycle Video Source: uniquerocks (Youtube)

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