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Best Sport Bikes Under Rs 2 lakh

Published On May 28, 2024 02:32:02 PM

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Would you love to own a full-faired bike on a budget? Here are your 5 best options

Indians love full-faired machines, period. It is perceived that faired machines are more premium than their naked counterparts as most of us have grown up reading about the legendary 600s and litre-class motorcycles of yore. Even Bollywood has glorified the sportbike genre - the movie Dhoom made the Suzuki Hayabusa a cult favourite amongst Indian enthusiasts. Hence, if you are looking out for a sportbike but on a budget, here are your five best options

  • Rsकीमत1.66 Lakh*
  • पावर 7.6
  • जून ऑफर देखें
The importance of the Yamaha R15 to the Indian motorcycling segment cannot be understated. It was the bike which sparked the small capacity faired bike segment in India, and now in its third generation, is unrivalled in its class. The larger 155cc motor is exhilarating yet extremely usable in daily situations thanks to the presence of Variable Valve Actuation. The R15 V3 is the sharpest tool in its class as it remains the best bet for the up and coming enthusiast.


Extremely focused and packed with incredible performance, the KTM RC series have been some of the best track weapons one can get in India. For years, the entry point into the family was the RC 200; the RC 125 was just introduced in 2019. Powered by the same 199cc single-cylinder engine as the 200 Duke, the RC 200 is one sharp motorcycle. It is the raciest motorcycle on this list, a bike which you will thoroughly enjoy on a race track.
  • Rsकीमत1.92 - 2.06 Lakh*
  • पावर 26.5 PS
  • जून ऑफर देखें
Much like the smaller Gixxer SF, the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 is a sportbike that has been derived off its naked sibling, even though it was launched earlier. This is Suzuki’s flagship motorcycle that it produces in India, bridging the gap between the small Gixxer SF and its large capacity imports. It has got a unique 249cc single-cylinder motor that is purely oil-cooled. The Gixxer SF 250 isn’t a track weapon to set quick lap times but is more of an all-rounder to enjoy daily commutes and weekend thrills.
  • Rsकीमत1.46 Lakh*
  • पावर 13.6 PS
  • जून ऑफर देखें
Not too long ago, the Suzuki Gixxer was the most affordable full-faired motorcycle you could buy in India. However, with the generation update it received last year and the BS6 updates, the current asking price of the small supersport is Rs 1.21 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), nearly Rs 20,000 more than the Hero Xtreme 200S. Suzuki did make a lot of changes with the way the bike looks as well as its riding posture. However, what remains intact is the agile and punchy little motorcycle that it always was.
  • Rsकीमत1.41 Lakh*
  • पावर 7.6
  • जून ऑफर देखें
After establishing itself as the king of commuter motorcycles, Hero MotoCorp has started expanding into the enthusiast category. One of the four models from its 200cc lineup is the Xtreme 200S. Its oddball styling is quite reminiscent of the motorcycles of the ‘80s. We do like its robocop-ish front fascia. The fairing is a bit of a slap-on job on the Xtreme 200R naked. Hence, you get the same single-piece handlebar, accessible seat height of 795mm and upright commuter-friendly riding ergos. The motorcycle is yet to receive its BS6 update, with the 199cc single-cylinder motor currently arriving with a carburettor.

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