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Bajaj Pulsar 150
Rs.1.11 - 1.41 लाख*
*एक्स-शोरूम कीमत दिल्ली
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  • The fantastic Pulsar 150

    I bought the bike two months ago, and Bajaj Pulsar 150 has excellent power, comfortable sitting, and excellent.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा raahil
    On: Jan 27, 2023 | 209 Views
  • Overall Good Bike

    Well, it is not costly but if I talk about the engine after some its engine sound is making noise after all it is a.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा pratyush bagga
    On: Jan 26, 2023 | 212 Views
  • The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is a modern bike

    The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is a Pulsar with a modest and adorable appearance and a fantastic mileage capacity that can.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ankur
    On: Jan 14, 2023 | 473 Views
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 most simple

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 is the softest and most understated-looking Pulsar model available in this market area. With its.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा roshan
    On: Jan 11, 2023 | 139 Views
  • Bajaj Pulsar 150 is confusing but good

    The engine looks from the side view making it appear bulkier yet strong, and the color combination with a tint of.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा shubham
    On: Jan 10, 2023 | 120 Views
  • Pulsar 150 performs better at low speeds

    I bought the new Pulsar 150 which seems significantly slower at high speeds, it performs better at low speeds, pulling.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rajkumar
    On: Dec 17, 2022 | 668 Views
  • Sleek shape makes it simple

    -The improved fuel-injected engine makes the new 150's performance seem much more polished and smooth. During the.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा saurabh
    On: Dec 15, 2022 | 216 Views
  • Experience of Pulsar 150

    I work at a small construction site as a manager in Pune. For my daily commute, I wanted to buy a good bike, and Pulsar.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ayush
    On: Dec 11, 2022 | 641 Views
  • Perfect for me

    I bought Pulsar 150 last year in July for my college purpose so far my experience with 150 has been soo amazing that I.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा samarth
    On: Dec 10, 2022 | 693 Views
  • Increased Reliability

    I was gifted that bike by my father. Riding is a fantastic experience. With a metal body, it has great aesthetics......और पढ़ें

    द्वारा chaitanya
    On: Dec 06, 2022 | 252 Views
  • Incredibly Steady Vehicle

    One of the greatest bikes that Bajaj has ever introduced is the Pulsar. It also offers tremendous pickup, power, and.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा raahil
    On: Dec 06, 2022 | 285 Views
  • Meet the sportiest 150 ever

    This bike is loved for its aggressive dagger-edged graphics, carbon fiber accents, and iconic wolf-eyed headlamp......और पढ़ें

    द्वारा shiv
    On: Dec 05, 2022 | 123 Views
  • Powerful and satisfying - Pulsar 150

    The riding experience of Bajaj Pulsar 150 is smooth and comfortable. Its pickup is very powerful and satisfying and.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा yash
    On: Dec 04, 2022 | 118 Views
  • If you want a wild ride

    Riding a Pulsar is more thrilling thanks to its upright seating position, telescopic front forks, and Nitrox rear.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rohan
    On: Dec 03, 2022 | 90 Views
  • Ruggedness and masculine allure

    The new Pulsar 150 twin disc is intended for contemporary youth who enjoy the performance and mileage of the bike but.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा tanmay
    On: Dec 02, 2022 | 235 Views
  • Pulsar 150 upgraded

    It has to be upgraded in order to comply with the 2017 BS-lV emission standards. All that has changed in terms of.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ram
    On: Nov 28, 2022 | 162 Views
  • The bike is nice

    The riding comfort is incredible, it can travel from 50 to more than 100 kilometers per hour in just 9 seconds on a.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा prajal
    On: Nov 26, 2022 | 323 Views
  • Updated version is much better

    The upgraded version came out this year as the company needed to align with the 2017 BS IV emission. They changed the.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा sachin
    On: Nov 24, 2022 | 108 Views
  • Good mileage and best in the segment

    I get about 48 kmpl mileage, which is incredible and incomparable. This version so amazed me that I now exclusively.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rishabh
    On: Nov 21, 2022 | 357 Views
  • Cost effective bike

    Due to accessory updates, the price range can easily increase to 1.40 lacs and more from its starting point of 1.25.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ram
    On: Nov 20, 2022 | 278 Views
  • Excellent bike ever

    From 2020, I have a Bajaj Pulsar 150. Since I was a kid, I've enjoyed Pulsar and have always wanted to own it. This.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा kishwar
    On: Nov 13, 2022 | 194 Views
  • Pulsar 150 impressed me

    The Bajaj Pulsar 150 Sparkle Black Red has a stunning appearance, and its alloy wheels are the perfect finishing touch......और पढ़ें

    द्वारा shubham
    On: Nov 10, 2022 | 76 Views
  • Pulsar 150 Is A Very Good Bike With Nice Mileage

    The Pulsar 150 is a very good bike with nice mileage and a powerful engine. It has good features and performance.

    द्वारा rajesh
    On: Nov 07, 2022 | 130 Views
  • Premium Bike

    In this segment, it is the softest and simple looking model of Pulsar, which is killing in the mileage and engine.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा aman
    On: Nov 04, 2022 | 524 Views
  • Impressed with everything

    I like the color combinations of white, black, and red, and Pulsar 150 very neatly pulls up the shades and makes it.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ishan
    On: Nov 02, 2022 | 195 Views
  • Unbeatable and amazing

    The mileage I get is around 48kmpl which is unbeatable and amazing. I was so impressed with this version that nowadays.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा mihir
    On: Oct 31, 2022 | 493 Views
  • Good fit and finish

    The price range starts from 1.25lacs and can easily go up to 1.40lacs and above due to accessories updates. I was.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा siddharth
    On: Oct 26, 2022 | 223 Views
  • Hasn't been particularly innovative

    Although the style of the Pulsar 150 hasn't been particularly innovative in a while, many colour schemes and variants.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ishan
    On: Oct 24, 2022 | 76 Views
  • Very popular motorbike

    The most popular 150cc commuter bike in India is the Bajaj Pulsar 150. Despite its age, it remains a very popular.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rakshit
    On: Oct 19, 2022 | 197 Views
  • Bajaj pulsar 150 - outstanding service

    A fantastic entry-level performance bike is the Pulsar 150. The 150cc engine produces enough power, is manoeuvrable,.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा naren
    On: Oct 17, 2022 | 414 Views
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