बजाज पल्सर 125 यूजर रिव्यु

Bajaj Pulsar 125
Rs.80,154 - 91,642*
*एक्स-शोरूम कीमत दिल्ली
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  • affordable,comfortable and best in range of 125 cc

    It's the highest speed I drove is 108km/h. The bike is nice and the mileage is also nice it gave me an average of 45-50.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा aman singh
    On: Mar 29, 2023 | 26 Views
  • Best bike under 90,000.

    I have recently bought Bajaj Pulsar 125 and i think i have made the best decision so far. The engine of this bike is so.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा manish
    On: Mar 13, 2023 | 646 Views
  • Bajaj Pulsar 125 - Satisfactory

    The curb weight and aesthetics are positives. I would advise against buying this bike if you commute everyday for.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा yash
    On: Mar 10, 2023 | 395 Views
  • Pulsar 125 is superb

    The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is superb in terms of both comfort and design. It was built with better materials. It has.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा arjun
    On: Feb 27, 2023 | 616 Views
  • No Updates - Pulsar 125

    Bajaj Pulsar 125 isn't anything new in terms of features here. There includes backlit switchgear, a hybrid.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rudra
    On: Feb 20, 2023 | 382 Views
  • Bajaj Pulsar 125 outdated

    The design is now more than just outdated. However, nothing else in the 125cc class is really innovative in terms of.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा jayanth
    On: Feb 19, 2023 | 273 Views
  • Pulsar 125 has excellent mileage

    I'm glad I bought a Bajaj Pulsar 125 bike because I've been riding it for a while. This bike has excellent mileage and.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा anish
    On: Feb 17, 2023 | 521 Views
  • I purchased a Pulsar 125 cc

    It has undergone three services already. The problem first surfaced during the second service, but the service centre.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा shaleen
    On: Feb 09, 2023 | 564 Views
  • Bajaj Pulsar 125 never failed me down

    Since my workplace is so close, I can ride my bike no more than 5 kilometres every day for work. I primarily use my.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा deepak
    On: Jan 27, 2023 | 558 Views
  • Bajaj Pulsar 125 is a stunning bike

    Nothing has changed, and it resembles the Pulsar 125 Neon model in appearance. There is only one difference in the.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा akhilesh
    On: Jan 16, 2023 | 582 Views
  • Bajaj Pulsar 125 is a stunning bike

    Nothing has changed, and it resembles the Pulsar 125 Neon model in appearance. There is only one difference in the.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा azhar
    On: Jan 13, 2023 | 193 Views
  • Bajaj Pulsar 125 feel light to drive

    The 125cc engine's 11.64BHP of power and 50kmpl mileage are the two main reasons I would purchase Bajaj Pulsar 125......और पढ़ें

    द्वारा sahdev
    On: Jan 07, 2023 | 612 Views
  • The most strongest 125cc motorbike

    Thanks to the counterbalancer, it is polished and smooth, and the Pulsar 125 feels brisk and ready to reach speeds to.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा rishiraj
    On: Dec 19, 2022 | 619 Views
  • Affordable bike

    With a 125 cc engine and being the lowest economical model in the Bajaj Pulsar lineup, it is essentially a commuter.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा baldev
    On: Dec 16, 2022 | 282 Views
  • Pulsar 125 daily commuting bike

    Pulsar 125 is a daily commuter bike with a simple 124.4cc engine capacity. So far, my experience with Pulsar 125 has.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ravinder
    On: Dec 11, 2022 | 1637 Views
  • Pulsar 125 a generation bike

    Bajaj Pulsar 125 is a new generation bike with advanced looks and style. The price range is also effective and with.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा abhay
    On: Dec 10, 2022 | 333 Views
  • Nice Vehicle

    It doesn't struggle at all in the rpm range for a 125. When driving on the highway, it can easily go at 80 to 90 kph.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ajju chandwar
    On: Dec 06, 2022 | 556 Views
  • Amazing Performance Bike

    It goes without saying that the Pulsar 125 has a strong road presence on the road. Its long overall shape and bulbous.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा shailesh
    On: Dec 06, 2022 | 178 Views
  • Best is segment

    Now that's a premium of Rs 3,000 above the Honda CB Shine, the most popular 125cc motorbike in the market. You receive.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा bhanu pratap
    On: Nov 29, 2022 | 344 Views
  • Not that innovative

    There is no denying that the Pulsar has strong road presence for a 125cc motorcycle. Its overall length, big bikini.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा imran
    On: Nov 28, 2022 | 260 Views
  • Gives excellent mileage

    The design and the look of the bike have been kept simple though the color option increases the chance of appealing to.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा kabir
    On: Nov 27, 2022 | 610 Views
  • Simple and sober looking

    One of the most simple and sober-looking bikes with everything plush quality and performance. I so much love this model.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ruslaan
    On: Nov 25, 2022 | 154 Views
  • Most cherished bike or me

    This bike is not only my dream bike, but also many other people's. In terms of price range, it is incredibly cheap. The.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा saahil
    On: Nov 19, 2022 | 193 Views
  • Unique and fashionable

    Its unique and fashionable looking contains best-in-class features. Every time I am at a red stop or signal point, I.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा ganesh
    On: Nov 18, 2022 | 72 Views
  • Bike makes your goosebump.

    I don't have a bike but I have ridden a bike and felt that I had an experience never like before. Amazing comfort and.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा amit kumar
    On: Nov 12, 2022 | 932 Views
  • The best commuter bike ever

    The 139kg weight of the Bajaj Pulsar 125 makes it manageable for regular city commuting. A telescopic fork up front and.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा prashant
    On: Nov 11, 2022 | 111 Views
  • Great bike on a decent budget

    Best For riders on a tight budget who desire a sporty commuter motorbike, there is the Bajaj Pulsar 125. It has a.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा indra
    On: Nov 10, 2022 | 165 Views
  • Sporty Pulsar 125

    Well, majorly it has everything similar to other models of Pulsar, but what sets it apart is the engine 12cc and how.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा mohit
    On: Nov 03, 2022 | 824 Views
  • Amazing road presence

    It looks exactly like Pulsar 150 Neon model, and nothing is changed as well. Just one change in terms of the engine,.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा guruprasad
    On: Nov 02, 2022 | 433 Views
  • My dreame bike

    This bike is my dream bike and not only mine but other people's as well. It is extremely affordable in terms of the.....और पढ़ें

    द्वारा kunal
    On: Oct 31, 2022 | 1579 Views
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Can I exchange my old बाइक के लिए Bajaj Pulsar 125?

Abhijeet asked on 20 Mar 2023

Exchange of a bike would depend on certain factors like brand, model, physical ...

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By Bikedekho experts on 20 Mar 2023

Bajaj Pulsar 125? में How many colours are available

DevyaniSharma asked on 11 Mar 2023

Bajaj Pulsar 125 is available in 9 different colours - Neon Silver, Solar Red, ...

और पढ़ें
By Bikedekho experts on 11 Mar 2023

What is the mileage?

BharatKumarMishra asked on 18 Feb 2023

The mileage of Bajaj Pulsar 125 is 57 kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for...

और पढ़ें
By Bikedekho experts on 18 Feb 2023

Give the engine specifications of Bajaj Pulsar 125?

DevyaniSharma asked on 16 Feb 2023

The Pulsar 125 is powered by a 124.4cc single-cylinder air-cooled counter-...

और पढ़ें
By Bikedekho experts on 16 Feb 2023

Can आई exchange my old एक्टिवा के लिए Bajaj Pulsar 125?

Abhijeet asked on 16 Feb 2023

Exchange of a vehicle would depend on certain factors such as kilometres driven...

और पढ़ें
By Bikedekho experts on 16 Feb 2023

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  • Neon Single SeatCurrently Viewing
    Rs.80,154*ईएमआई: Rs.2,801
    124.4 ccमैनुअल
  • Carbon Fiber Single SeatCurrently Viewing
    Rs.89,254*ईएमआई: Rs.3,090
    124.4 ccमैनुअल
  • Carbon Fiber Split SeatCurrently Viewing
    Rs.91,642*ईएमआई: Rs.3,152
    124.4 ccमैनुअल

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