बजाज पल्सर

बजाज पल्सर has 8 models under its flagship - पल्सर 150, पल्सर एनएस200 और 6 मोर and starting price of बजाज पल्सर is 71,616. Find Price list, Colors, Mileage, Expert Review, and specifications & features at BikeDekho.com.

बजाज पल्सर Price List

Model Ex-Showroom Price
पल्सर 150Rs. 94,125 onwards
पल्सर एनएस200Rs. 1.33 लाख onwards
पल्सर 125 नियॉनRs. 71,616 onwards
पल्सर 220 एफRs. 1.25 लाख onwards
पल्सर आरएस200Rs. 1.52 लाख onwards

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  • बजाज पल्सर 150
    बजाज पल्सर 150

    Bike in Budget - Bajaj Pulsar 150

    Bajaj Pulsar 150 Bike is available at most affordable price and that is why I am very happy to buy this. It looks so..... और पढ़ें

  • बजाज पल्सर एनएस200
    बजाज पल्सर एनएस200

    Excellent Product.

    The bike is great with excellent performance and BikeDekho.com makes it easy to purchase a bike you can see full..... और पढ़ें

  • बजाज पल्सर 125 नियॉन
    बजाज पल्सर 125 नियॉन

    Comfortable Commuter Bike - Pulsar 125 Neon

    It has very good built guality, Best performance, mileage delivery is good, halogen headlight. Overall it's the best..... और पढ़ें

  • बजाज पल्सर 220 एफ
    बजाज पल्सर 220 एफ

    Superb Handling - Pulsar 220 F

    I bought this bike about 5 months ago on my birthday. I personally experienced that New Bajaj Pulsar 220 F is a..... और पढ़ें

  • बजाज पल्सर आरएस200
    बजाज पल्सर आरएस200

    Amazing Bike By Bajaj.

    I am using Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Bike and I am happy to buy this bike. This bike comes with Triple Spark 4 Valve 200cc..... और पढ़ें

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